"Lagoon" Strap in Epsom // Black
"Lagoon" Strap in Epsom // Black

"Lagoon" Strap in Epsom // Black

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Size (Lug x Buckle): 19 x 16 mm
19 x 16 mm
20 x 16 mm
Length: S - 105/65 mm
S - 105/65 mm
M - 115/75 mm


Epsom Strap is a made of an embossed calf leather sourced from Tannery Haas in France. The same leather used by Hermès that is widely known for its durability. It is characterised by a semi-matte surface with crosshatch grain. The hand feel is rigid, yet comfortable and lightweight to wear. Epsom strap is quite structured due to the embossed process, the tough surface is with excellent resistance against wear. It is very easy to clean and will remain resilient over wear. This is a perfect strap that requires no break in, ideal for those who loves a pristine leather strap with low maintenance.

Leather Introduction

Epsom leather is named after Epsom, England, where the process of leather finishing was first produced in the 19th century mainly for horse saddles. This process gave birth to the beautifully grained leather we know today as Epsom leather.

Hermès first introduced the Epsom Leather in 2004. The result was a huge success, and since then, Hermès has become synonymous with the use of high-quality Epsom leather. We use the same Hermès Epsom from the famous Tanneries Haas in Alsace, France. The Haas family have perpetuated their tanning expertise over six generations.

Today Haas is part of the Chanel Group, and their leathers are continuously used by many luxury labels. Other famous leather articles you might find familiar with are Barenia and Zermatt(which we used on our strap lining) are also from Haas. Tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand throughout the 35 000 sq. metres of the tannery. They are also actively engaged in improving the quality of the raw material and recycling of it.


100% Handcrafted

Flat Strap (we call it 'Lagoon')

Skin-friendly lining in Zermatt Leather, water-resistant & hypoallergenic

Hand-stitched with Meisi Superfine Linen thread M30

Customized quick release spring bar

Hidden Branded buckle in Stainless Steel - Polished on Top & Brushed on Sides

Green Packaging - 100% composable plant-based zip bag inside a branded envelope