"Lagoon" Strap in Pueblo // Olive
"Lagoon" Strap in Pueblo // Olive

"Lagoon" Strap in Pueblo // Olive

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Size (Lug x Buckle): 19 x 16 mm
18 x 16 mm
19 x 16 mm
20 x 16 mm
21 x 16 mm
22 x 18 mm
Length: S - 105/65 mm
S - 105/65 mm
M - 115/75 mm


Pueblo Strap has a juicy collection with a great selection of cheerful colors. The unique rustic appearance speaks for its perfect balance between elegance and ruggedness. At first glance, some might easily confuse it with suede, but it's not. Pueblo Strap does give off a suede-like vibe, matte, stone-polished finish. It is, in fact, a pure Italian vegetable tanned leather dyed through with an aniline finish. The hand feel is a bit rough at the beginning, within a bit of time, it will soften and smoothen significantly alongside its exceptional patina potential.

Pueblo Strap ages so dramatically! The grain texture of the strap will be slightly buffed away in a blink, and the quickly oil-absorbing ability allows it to ages aggressively, thus color darkening while developing an amber sheen. The glossier it becomes, the more vintage vibe will kick in. The fantastic "Liven-in" look feels like you nourished a new strap through wear. We promise it will look different from the first day you got it fresh out of a box. How exciting!

Leather Introduction
Badalassi Carlo TanneryΒ in San Miniato, Italy. This tannery has been producing some of the finest and most unique leathers for over 40 years. Pueblo is cut from the shoulder of the hide, which gives it extraordinary tensile strength and shows up just the right amount of growth and fat marks. The leather is tanned with bark extracts and liquored with animal fats inside wooden barrels. It is then dyed with aniline (transparent coloring), air-dried, and stone polished. This is what gives the leather a stone-like finishing. Rubbing the skins with a dry cloth will burnish it brighter as well as moving the color darker.

Fun fact, The Spanish word "Pueblo" derives from Latin and means people. It refers to the indigenous peoples of the south-western USA renowned as being proud individuals with a strong character. The article name "Pueblo" is a tribute to these people.


100% Handcrafted

Flat Strap (we call it 'Lagoon')

Skin-friendly lining in Zermatt Leather, water-resistant & hypoallergenic

Hand-stitched with Meisi Superfine Linen thread M30

Customized quick release spring bar

Hidden Branded buckle in Stainless Steel - Polished on Top & Brushed on Sides

Green Packaging - 100% composable plant-based zip bag inside a branded envelope