"Lagoon" Strap in Saffiano // Greige
"Lagoon" Strap in Saffiano // Greige

"Lagoon" Strap in Saffiano // Greige

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Size (Lug x Buckle): 19 x 16 mm
19 x 16 mm
20 x 16 mm
Length: S - 105/65 mm
S - 105/65 mm
M - 115/75 mm


Our Saffiano Strap uses the same leather as in Prada handbags. This well recognized leather comes from Conceria Superior Tannery. The leather stands out because of its iconic history and sturdy quality. Saffiano Leather was used to make the very first Prada bag, and was only exclusive to Prada back in 1900s. The non-flatten waving elements appears as in cross-hatched structure which forms a diagonal print consistently across the hide. It’s incredibly luxurious to hold.

Thanks to the subsequent treatment with wax, each strap is water repellent and stain resistance. It’s also not easily scratched. Apart from the enhanced durability, the coating gives the leather its unmistakable subtle sheen and allows for the creation of a great variety of colors. This texture leather has gained such a tremendous popularity with elegance and class. We’re glad to introduce it into our strap collections. It is a perfect everyday strap for your dress wardrobe, and especially loved by those who aren’t fond of patina.

Leather Introduction

Saffiano Leather was invented by Mario Prada himself and produced by the famous Conceria Superior in Tuscan district.

The design of this unique finish was patented and used to produce their very first Prada bag in 1913. Saffiano is neither veg tan or chromed tan, it is coated over. After the leather was heated to about 70°C, the Saffiano pattern is machine pressed into the leather for 10-15 seconds and finally treated with a protective wax finish rendering the leather very resistant to stains, scratches and water.

Nowadays, the word ‘Saffiano’ refers to its specific cross-hatched grain, after the paten has expired, it’s allowed to use by many brands and other individuals on different leather base.

In HasNoBounds, we respect the original and admire their finest quality in order to provide our community with the best Saffiano Leather Strap. 


100% Handcrafted

Flat Strap (we call it 'Lagoon')

Skin-friendly lining in Zermatt Leather, water-resistant & hypoallergenic

Hand-stitched with Meisi Superfine Linen thread M30

Customized quick release spring bar

Hidden Branded buckle in Stainless Steel - Polished on Top & Brushed on Sides

Green Packaging - 100% composable plant-based zip bag inside a branded envelope