"Plateau" Strap in Barenia // Gold
"Plateau" Strap in Barenia // Gold
"Plateau" Strap in Barenia // Gold

"Plateau" Strap in Barenia // Gold

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Size (Lug x Buckle): 18 x 16 mm
18 x 16 mm
19 x 16 mm
20 x 16 mm
21 x 16 mm
22 x 18 mm
Length: S - 105/65 mm
S - 105/65 mm
M - 115/75 mm
M - 120/70 mm


Barenia Strap is the luxurist and a patina queen! If you are seeking a premium strap with accessible luxury added to your timepieces, this is your winner. Barenia is a rare, high-quality French calf leather used by Hermes equestrian division for a long time. It first appeared in the Hermes handbag collections in the 1970s.

The aroma of this strap is fantastic! Barenia strap features a buttery soft hand feel and natural texture with just a hint of gloss. It is water-resistant, raindrops evaporated in a matter of minutes, leaving behind no trace. The intense oil treatment undergoes the leather allows most scratches to be massaged back into the strap with just your finger.

The beauty in the Barenia strap comes as the color evolves, hence the well-known patina. The rich tan darkens as it takes on other oils and absorbs the love it's given, creating a dense play of supple saddle tones that smooth together as one. If you are looking for a pristine leather strap, then Barenia might not be for you. This luxury strap is meant to last a lifetime and takes on a touch of every experience you had!

Leather Introduction

Barenia Leather comes from Tannery Haas in France. The tannery has created leather since the 1800s and is well known for its premium calfskin leather, which high-end luxury brands use. Novonappa(named by Haas), also known as Barenia(named by Hermès). Originally, Barenia was tanned near the village of Barr in Alsace, hence its name.

The process to create Barenia leather is a highly guarded secret. Only a handful of master tanners have perfected the complex and time-consuming process, which involves double tanning the leather in chrome and vegetable dyes, then soaking the skins in a mixture of nine different oils for over five weeks before they can be dried, finished, and cut for creation. It has no aniline finish and can absorb oil. Over time, this leather builds character, gaining a beautiful patina with wear, alongside healing to most scratches. Heavily wear scratches or marks will show and blend into the patina over time.


100% Handcrafted by Strap Masters

Padded Strap (we call it 'Plateau')

Skin-friendly lining in Zermatt Leather, water-resistant & hypoallergenic

Hand-stitched with Meisi Superfine Linen thread M30

Customized Quick Release Spring bar

Hidden Branded buckle in Stainless Steel - Polished on Top & Brushed on Sides

Green Packaging - 100% composable plant-based zip bag inside a branded envelope